Sarracenia minor

Sarracenia hybrids

When we cross two plants from the same Sarracenia species the resulting plant will still belong to that species. In the wild Sarracenia of a single species will be cross pollinated resulting plants that look similar but are not exactly the same. When we make a cross between two plants of a single Sarracenia species in our greenhouses we can use plants from different locations to create new hybrids of greater variety.

Sarracenia minor hybrids grow list

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S. minor - fat stocky pitchers
S. minor - fat stocky pitchers
S. minor var. okefenokeensis -

  • SM003-04 - S. minor - fat stocky pitchers - Francis Marion National Forest, Charleston County - x self
  • SM009-01 - S. minor - ICPS seed bank November 2011
  • SM013 - S. minor var. okefenokeensis - Giant, red eyes - ex Plantera x self