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Sarracenia for sale

Special announcement 20th November, 2020.

Sarracenia friends, for family reasons I have decided to retire from growing Sarracenia. My entire collection has been sold to Farmyard Nurseries who will be taking over this website in the spring. They already have a lot of my plants displayed alongside their National Collection at their nursery at Llandysul, Carmarthenshire. A wonderful collection of the unique, traditional and modern popular Sarracenia, all housed in polytunnels within the nursery, well worth a visit; number one on my list for 2021.

I will be selling my greenhouses in 2021, see photograph below, a 32' x 10' and a 20' x 6', both high eaves Elite greenhouses in green with doors both ends and they can come with Two Wests & Elliott aluminium up-stagings, plastic trays and 32 x 227litre Harcostar water butts. Apart from the large greenhouse everything is just over two years old. Prices subject to negotiation, note the greenhouses can be professionally relocated. Please contact me via Facebook, or email, if you are interested in any of these.

Having grown Sarracenia for a number of years I decided to try growing from seed and quickly found that plants grown from Sarracenia seed are very rewarding, more so than buying in plants and building a collection that is a clone of everyone else's.

Sarracenia GorgoSarracenia VampireIt's quite exciting to go down to the greenhouse and spot a seedling turning into a special plant, watching it change day by day, week by week, year by year, you see the colours and shape changing, developing, into a thing of beauty.

After a season or two, or five, you find that your Sarracenia seed grown plants have turned into a unique and beautiful collection to be proud of.

The menu on the left of the page gives access to my current grow list which has been split into convenient groups.

Sarracenia seed - how to pollinate

Pollinating Sarracenia is a simple task that is performed when pollen has fallen from the Anthers onto the Style. I pick up the pollen from the Style with a cotton wool bud, then place it on to each of the Stigma of the 'mother to be' flower; remembering to label it with the names of mother and father. The Style is the bottom part of the flower that looks like an upturned umbrella, the Stigma is like a small hook and can be found just below the tip of each point of the Style. The seeds will be ready around October, I usually wait until the seed pod starts to crack, then cut it off and take indoors for 24 hours before opening the pod and removing the seeds. The Sarracenia seeds are put into labelled glassine envelopes in the refrigerator until sowing in December - February.

Sarracenia Hobgoblin

Each crossing will produce plants that have different qualities, very different looking plants will often result from a simple crossing and you will need to grow these on and pot up several times before deciding which to keep and which to throw out. I sow into 7k pots, 15 to 20 seeds per pot and in March/April of next year they will be large enough to pot up into individual 7k pots, if you don't have a lot of space you can get away with 9 seedlings into a 9k pot, they can then stay in those pots until they need more room.

It is possible to speed up growth by using fertilizers, such as Osmocote, and by using artificial light and heat over winter. Personally I'm in no rush, the pleasure I get from seeing them grow makes the wait worthwhile.

Sarracenia seedling grow lists

In each lists of Sarracenia seed grown plants you will find a section of thumbnail photographs, click the thumbnail to see the full size photograph of the plant. The site is still in development and more photographs will be added to the grow lists later in the growing season.

Plants for sale

There are a lot of young plants available on the Sarracenia for sale at very reasonable prices, I will be adding more during the coming weeks. In the galleries thumbnails a RED border are available for sale as the whole plant.

Some of the older plants will be divided to order at the end of this season,there will be a limited number of divisions available and these will be offered on a first come first served basis, so if you are interested in a particular plant please message me via Facebook, or email to go the waiting list. Plants to be divided have a GREEN boarder.

All buying enquiries should be made by messaging via Facebook, or email

Farmyard Nurseries

Farmyard Nurseries stock a wide range of Sarracenia, including many plants originally from Adrian Slack's collection, visit to add some of these great plants to your collection. They also have a great range of plants for your garden that are available by mail order or by visiting their beautiful nursery in Carmarthenshire.

sarracenia for salebeginners guide
This is a document from a florist in Australia who recently published their own
guide to growing carnivorous plants
It's about 8,000 words long and contains lots of custom graphics so it's not your run of the mill web article.

Sarracenia 'Powerline Pink' x (mitchelliana  x moorei)Sarracenia leucophylla - Franklin County B x flava - 'Killer'Sarracenia leucophylla - Franklin County B x flava - 'Killer'Sarracenia leucophylla - 'Purple Lips' - Open pollinatedSarracenia 'Citron' x leucophylla - Large pink lipped, Apalachicola, Florida Sarracenia (alata x leucophylla) x mitchellianaSarracenia alata - Red upper tube and lid x leucophylla - Ben's Bog, Baldwin County Sarracenia 'Bordeaux Red Wine' x 'Llama'Sarracenia alata - Pubescent Red Throat x leucophylla - Pubescent PinkSarracenia leucophylla - Pink Lipped - Appalachicola, Florida x alata - Purple Tube Sarracenia 'Diane Whittaker' x leucophylla - Dark Red PitchersSarracenia oreophila (Marsure) x leucophylla f. viridescensSarracenia alata red lid introgressed with leucophylla X leucophylla f. viridescensSarracenia'Premysl Otakar I' x moorei - 'Adrian Slack'